As an artist, I am passionate about consent-based practices centering on the sovereignty and agency of an individual. I have participated in workshops with Intimacy Directors International and Theatrical Intimacy Educators on best practices in rehearsal/performance, and when working with minors.

I hold my MFA in Theatre Arts from the University of Iowa. I have been a professional theatre artist since 2013, and I have over 12 years of experience as a Teaching Artist within the Theater modality.

The goal in my work is to co-create safe and brave spaces. It is my belief that this can act as a container for social justice and being an active collaborator in the arts with BIPOC, AAPI, LGBQTIA+, women, non-binary, and Disabled folks. To me there is no equality in the arts (or in life) without inclusivity and visibility of those who are marginalized. Representation is vital, and I enjoy supporting new work as a collaborator, and as a fan.

As an actor I am proud to have been part of a devised work, We Might Fall Apart which was written/led by BIPOC during the University of Iowa’s Summer Partnership in the Arts 2015, and directed by Vanessa Stalling. I am also thankful to have been an actor for the Iowa’s Playwrights Workshop for all three years I was there; working weekly on readings, workshops, or full productions.

While working regionally in both Atlanta and Chicago I sought out opportunities to support the ongoing creation of new work through acting in Independent Films like Itchy Fingers by Marco Jake and Anna Nilles, or work-shopping new plays like Bandera, Texas by Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend for the Wayward Sisters Theatre Ensemble, and the Women’s Theatre Alliance of Chicago. In Atlanta I worked with Working Title Playwrights on developing new plays as a reader in their weekly readings, and as an actor in their staged reading performances. I also performed at the Aurora Theatre in the workshop of Milo at the Movies a new musical by Mark Gaylord and Tom Diggs.

This passion for accessibility and inclusivity spills over into investing in artistic programming for children. I love advocating for imagination and literacy through live storytelling.

As a company member for Greatworks Theatre Company in the 2021/22 Season I was in both The BFG and Fractured Fairytales which we tour throughout Chicago Public Schools.

I also invest in the arts as a Teaching Artist because I love giving back and spending time encouraging younger generations.

Currently I am working for Chicago Children’s Theatre where I teach resilience and coping strategies with their ROAR residencies in CPS. I also teach movement/music classes to 12-36 month olds, and acting to Pre-K through middle school. And I was the Drama Teacher for Camp Red Kite 2022: a camp that is geared towards Autistic actors and those on the spectrum.

I also work with the The Viola Project where I teach Shakespeare to young femmes and non-gender conforming people. I taught a residency at CPS, and the a summer virtual camp on Comedy of Errors. When I teach Shakespeare I love to highlight empowerment, authenticity, and fighting for what you want. I also love making Shakespeare accessible and relatable.

In all of my work I find that I do actually believe that storytelling can help us re-connect with our emotions, our bodies, and our sense of wonder. I believe it can be healing, affirming, and can create a sense of belonging in this harsh and often brutal world.